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Happy Birthday, Mom! :)

To: My Mom,

My mentor, my guide and my pillar of strength. My best friend and my closest ally. The woman I’ll always look up to (also because you’re taller than me) 😛

Since it’s your birthday today, I’m listing some of the reasons you’re the most special person I know. So here goes:

~The fact that you’re undoubtedly the most amazing cook the world will know. 😀

~The way you look oh-so-gorgeous in a sari or even if you wear track-pants or a dress. 🙂

~The times when you pretend to get angry and it all goes wrong and ends up in laughter. 😛

~The way you always know exactly how to handle any given situation. 🙂

~The way you stand up for yourself and refuse to take any crap from anyone. 8)

~The way I’m driven to blush like a tomato when you tease me about certain people. 😳

~The way you understand me and can read my face like an open book. 🙄

~The fact that you’re the most fun person to shop with. 😆

~The times when you grudgingly listen to my random ramblings even when it’s 2:00am, and I’ve woken you up from deep sleep. :mrgreen:

~The fact that you have an eye for the most amazing goodies which I’m sure to love. 😉

~The fact that I can share EVERYTHING with you from date stories, to a glass of wine. 😉

~The way you treat even a small problem with equal importance. 🙂

~The way you’ve always supported all my academic decisions. 🙂

~The way you treat everyone equally, no matter where they come from. 🙂

~The way you ALWAYS take my side. :mrgreen:

~The way you don’t pretend to like someone. 8)

~The way you can almost always save me from angry dad/aunt. 😛

~The way you’ve never deprived me of anything from the imported baby food to the close to hundred pairs of shoes. I named it and you got it for me. 🙂

~The fact that you’re the coolest and the most perfect mom there ever will be on this planet. 😀 😀 😀

~These and those uncountable things about you that I simply adore and which make you so special. 🙂

Thank you for everything mamma. 🙂

And wish you a very very very happy birthday. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Mom! 🙂

My Dog, ‘Buddy’-More Human than any Human can be


My dog, Buddy, as a puppy

My 4-year old Golden Labrador Retriever, Buddy, is the most adorable creature ever. The ‘ego’-less being that he is, he rarely gets angry and never judges. He’s almost more human than the humans in the house. And most of all, he gives love unconditionally.


Buddy's paw shake-cum-high five

We share this special bond with each other, almost like one of a brother or sometimes even a baby, and have our unique ways of communicating. He can sense when I’m low or just need someone and comes and puts his head on my lap or licks my palm showing his affection. Sometimes he puts his paw on my arm as a sign of reassurance. It’s the most amazing feeling when your pet understands you. He had his head on my lap once when I gently pet his forehead, and before I knew it, this little baby was fast asleep.

Yesterday, in the evening, he was getting really scared of some crackers burning nearby. He ran to me panting and fretting, and as usual I held his paw and sat down with him. Before I knew it, he creped up to my lap and held my arms tightly with is paws, and I hugged him with reassurance that everything’s going to be fine. The panting stopped and mild breath thereafter felt like a sigh of relief.


A slightly frightened Buddy

Sometimes they seem helpless and you feel like protecting them like as if a baby, sometimes you feel dependant on them to express or let out a pent up emotion, sometimes you just need them around for that immense joy they give, and most of all they’re the only ones who’ll always give you unconditional love.

Pets truly are the most precious and special.


Buddy's head on my lap

Anjaana Anjaani-Movie Review

An almost empty theatre made my expectations hit rock bottom, but I guess that made me appreciate the film a wee bit.

In some ways ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ is just another girl meets boy story, but with a difference. The difference here is the twist. And the twist happens right at the beginning.

When fate, rather several suicide attempts and a hospital ward bring them together, all hell breaks loose as they have a mutual suicide pact if at all they don’t fulfil their last wish.

Kiara (Priyanka Chopra) suffers from a perpetual and recurring (which gets irritating towards the end because it is caused by the same person) broken heart due to which she wants to end her life and Aakash (Ranbir Kapoor) loses everything including his job and home due to the stock market crash, which becomes his reason for suicide.

What follows is an interesting journey in which they try to do things they’ve always wanted to do before they die and to live life each day like it were their last. With flashbacks squeezed in here and there, narrating how they were driven to extreme measures.

In some parts it gets stretchy and monotonous, and in some you do get little bouts of laughter (some of them, unintentionally). So the pace of the film remains moderate.

The pair does make for some good chemistry, but Priyanka Chopra’s perennial drunk act and Ranbir Kapoor’s I have an attitude but I’m an ordinary nice guy conduct, would make you wonder what else could you have bought with that ticket money.

Overall the storyline is not bad, but the film is very average due to it’s unnecessary stretch and pointless extra bits, which tend to bring the pace of the movie down. Similar to the pace of the film, the songs too can receive mixed reactions.

The film is a one time watch, and beyond that one time, you’d pray for dinosaurs to return to the planet.

The story is different and unlike most Bollywood films the story is not all that bad. But like most Bollywood films, it loses the plot halfway through.

Personally, I would give it two and three quarter stars.

If you’re a die-hard fan of the two (or even one of them), it’s a must watch. But if your looking for story as well as some brain then it’s definitely a miss.

To Respect or Not to Respect

My dad and I have had a number of conversations about my paternal grandmother.My paternal grandmother is an extremely headstrong person and as far as I can recall she has never been the grandparent who gives love unconditionally.

Being an only child I have always craved love from wherever I can get it and I also have a lot of love to give. But I never have felt any love from her side, and moreover never have I felt an urge to reciprocate love.

Dad always tells me that I need to talk to her more often to understand her better. But I wish it were that simple. Every time I have tried to talk, it always is followed by a gesture or call to shut myself up. Then I tell dad that she never really has done anything for me, how can I develop love-lost overnight?

There was this one time when I was 11 years old, when I went walking to the market (2 kilometres away) to get her a surprise gift for her birthday. It was a Ganesh poster made on handmade paper but not framed yet (all an 11 year old could afford). When I gave it to her, she told me the colour was drab and that it didn’t go with the setting of her house and that I should return it to the shop. There were many such incidents like this. I did keep trying to find a common chord to at least talk about, but in vain.

I keep quoting these incidents to dad in my defence, but the argument he has left with him is that, she is an elder and a part of our family and hence whatever said and done I have to respect her.

But let me make one thing clear to everyone who thinks that way. No one is obligated to love every single person they call relatives. One is born into a family completely by chance, with absolutely no fault or choice of theirs. And they have the discretion enough to chose whom to like and whom not to like. In my case, I have an enormous amount of respect for my parents and my aunt who have done everything possible to bring me up and give me every happiness I have wished for, and they have done so much for me that I can never fall out of love for them. But why do I need to respect someone like my grandmother who has never given me love wholeheartedly? Well for the least someone who hasn’t ever reciprocated the love I have tried to give.

I’ve always gone by a simple principle about giving respect. It goes something like this, “My respect is something very personal and special to me. Initially, I will give it to everyone alike, no matter who they are, where they belong to or what age they are. But to retain this respect in me I would need it to be reciprocated alike.” As simple as that.

I’m not saying love conditionally or be selfish about whom to love. But at least when you respect someone it should be mutual and it can be to everyone alike if they deserve it and not just family.

Maybe someday dad will understand. He does understand to some extent, but he also faces the eternal male dilemma, and I completely understand his plight too.

But the point I’m trying to make here is that just because X or Y belongs to my family I don’t have to respect or like them just by the mere virtue of being my relatives. For that matter, till the time I don’t share that special bond with someone I cannot call them ‘family’ in its truest sense. And sometimes there are a certain people who are not even remotely connected to you genetically in any way, but that special bond of so called ‘family’ just comes naturally.

At the end of the day it is you who matters and you who’s respect and love is in question and no social norms or set rules of obligations can chalk that out for you. It is completely up to you whom to like and whom not to. Let ‘society’ frown upon it, it is society’s job to do so in most things. But you know you have a reason for your discomfort with the person and no societal norms can judge you for it.

To Chennai, With Love

This post was selected for BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday picks on 28th September ’10

It isn’t the best city in the country. The weather isn’t what I’d look forward to. The people aren’t all extremely welcoming or non-judgemental. But just four days in Chennai with K made it one of my favourite places.

The feeling started to crop in the moment I spotted that familiar face at the airport. K stood there looking through the glass, at a clumsy me trying to handle my baggage off the conveyor belt on to the trolley. Two years with K, and it still feels like love at first sight whenever I see him.

The tightest hug ever, dissolved all the little embarrassment of being spotted in a candid moment.

In no time after that we were in his masculine and rustic open Jeep (aka, his baby), driving around town to reach the hotel. K is a brilliant driver, and was probably also trying to show off his driving skills. And it did work, must say. 😉

The next morning we braced ourselves for an entire day at the video game parlour, ‘Blur‘ (yes, I love video games, I almost become a 10-year old boy when it comes to video games). Sometimes all you have to do to feel happy is bring back that childhood feeling of playfulness. K likes to believe that he beat me at bowling, his claim being that the one with the lower score wins, but I know I won, fair and square (and of course, fluke). It’s not really male ego, but more of the adorable-ness, I’d say. 😛

The next day we hogged on sizzlers and brownies. We aren’t the most dignified when it comes to food. And I’m not always the shy woman who doesn’t like to be a glutton in front of a man. If you’ve got it (the skills to eat like a pig), then you’ve got to flaunt it.

Sometimes I find little things like snuggling and watching a movie on a laptop and sipping coke, to be the most romantic things ever. ‘500 Days of Summer‘- not really the greatest movie ever made, but definitely one of the most enjoyable movies.

The day that followed, K showed me around (rather proudly at that) Loyola College. One of the most magnificent structures I saw in Chennai. I loved seeing that expression on his face, clearly saying ‘see how beautiful my college is’. 🙂

K’s Jeep is a sight in itself. Just driving around in it feels like you’re in a safari (not the SUV, I mean the one you do in a jungle).

My last day, involved us waking up at four in the morning and going to the beach to watch the sunrise. One of the most beautiful sights in the world is undoubtedly the sunrise/sunset. And when you have someone to watch it with, it just makes it all the more worthwhile. You can almost hear invisible violinists playing in the background.

A buffet breakfast at the Taj, was the best way to savour the pleasures of watching the sunrise, and a perfect way to end a wonderful trip. Next stop, departure terminal at the airport, and off to Delhi.

There is a lot more that I did in those four days and a lot more places that I visited, but if I start to pen down all of that, It’ll probably suck-up space sufficient for a hundred posts.

I did come with my set of apprehensions. I did have a lot of hangups about how the place and people here would be. But never did I foresee all the fun I had, and the happiness I brought back with me. I’m not very quick to love anything, but the place changed a little bit of that in me.

I may be biased because of K, but this was one of my best holidays ever. I may not remember it for it’s architecture, weather or people. But Chennai would always have a special place in my heart, for bringing back that childlike feeling of playfulness, for breaking barriers of our so-called societal norms and going on my own to meet my beloved, for giving me joy in the simplest things like the wind blowing in my face while being driven in an open Jeep and snuggling and watching a movie, and most of all for making me fall in love with K every day. 🙂

Almost Sunrise

I’m a Die-Hard fan of the Rain.

I’ve asked myself many-a-times. What is it about the rain that makes me love it so much?

We (Indians especially) who inherently love the rain, probably do so because we’re a tropical climate devoid of rain for a major part of the year. Maybe it’s the hot beverages and savouries synonymous to rain that we all love. Or maybe it’s that bollywood feeling it brings with it, in which there’s celebration and enjoyment, and no matter ho transparent the heroine’s chiffon sari gets, she still sings and dances around with the hero without caring. Yes, rain does have that effect.

Of course there are those few who detest the rain. Because of the muddy-slushy roads and the endless traffic jams. And of getting drenched from head to toe and damaging that expensive dress and just-washed hair.

But I for one, absolutely LOVE the rain!

It’s the sound and smell of the rain that gives me an endorphins-high. The way the tiny drops roll out from the leaves when it drizzles makes me marvel at the small wonders of nature. The way my hair and clothes get drenched and no one really judges. The way my childhood memories come back to me when I jump into puddles and try to make paper boats sail in them in vain. The coffee/tea, tastes so much better when I drink it looking outside the window at the rain. When the little drops fall on your face and the cool breeze blows, it feels like a little taste of heaven.  And last, but definitely not the least, nothing beats a romantic walk in the rain, holding hands with someone you love.

Rain brings out the optimist in me and gives me a burst of ecstasy.

Yes, I’m a die-hard rain-lover.

The view from my college in the rain

In my college again. Rain drops caught on leaves.