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Blog Resurrection…

Long time no write. I guess I’m not too surprised about the ill-presence on a blog considering the amount of things that went on in this span of time. Life for one has changed in many ways. In a span of a year, I’ve gone from becoming a graduate, mindless, jobless wreck to a spiritual yoga-loving freak, to a supposed intellectual media student, to an alcohol loving reckless, free-spirited woman and so on and more, later a (sort of) mature, ‘been-there-done-that’ overgrown (hardly) child…ahem..woman(?). 🙂

I missed blogging. I missed that longing urge to sit back and recount the happenings of the day/week/month and pen it (key it) down and watch it virtually immortalise on the web. And after being pestered and poked by my loved ones and more so that little voice in my head (that hates me more with every passing minute considering the royal ignorance it receives), here I am back to my long lost friend and mirror of my life- My blog.

Before I go on about the thoughts that I promise to share earlier on when I started the blog, I might as well keep this post about my life and the updates about it. As mentioned earlier, in a year I went from being this to that and that to anything and everything I could in an age where I’m not supposed to be doing anything significant so to say (no this isn’t the renaissance come on, that generation was different).

I was sort of enjoying anonymity for a while and well, didn’t really have the time for popularity really. Grad school isn’t really a cakewalk, and there are more compromises than surprises. Among the good stuff, I’m almost a pro at driving, (and yeah, wriggling my way out of chalans with a puppy face as well); mastered the art of pulling all-nighters, without a wink of sleep (yes, coffee is still my best friend); put on 8 kilos in a month (trust me that’s a huge achievement); discovered an inherent work OCD or workaholism, more so; and so on. More about which would follow on the blog. 🙂

So here I am, now a masters student (yes, I got there 😀 ), with metaphoric bruised knees from all the ‘growing up’ that has been shoved down my throat, trying to revive, rather resurrect my blog in coma for nearly a year. I am going to try my best at keeping up with the times and not let my blog die out now on, and well I can only hope it goes back to what it was when I first started and it gets all the love that it got all over again.

On that note, see you soon..
Cheers.. 🙂


10 reasons why I didn’t want to become an adult

1. I have to think of other ways to avoid doing chores ’cause now, sadly, i cannot use the accusation of imposing ‘child labour’ any more (now, the law makers really need to form an anti-just-turned-adult-work-law)

2.i can’t get anywhere with a half ticket. Not without looking like an insane retard straight out of an asylum for autistics (Now this one’s heart breaking).

3. I can’t ward off the oh-so-famous ‘behave like an adult’ discourse. (even pouting doesn’t work).

4. I have to have a solid, good enough reason to back up my occasional off the record crying (will someone please explain to people that tear ducts are here for a reason).

5. I’m considered an adult, but i still don’t get to consume alcohol (now this one’s outright unfair).

6. My oh-so-not-wanted-at-that-time paternal aunts start obsessing over, “little child can get married, i wonder who the lucky guy would be” (now, seriously, lucky or no lucky, you people just need to get a life).

7. I can’t watch my favourite cartoons without getting horrible glances from my little cousins, nieces & nephews (hello? We didn’t have the luxary of about a million kids’ channels in our time).

8. I can’t mess up & expect people to melt with that oh-so-angelic-with-a-halo-around-her-head-smile (now you need to know that even 18 year olds can break vases).

9. I’m expected to read the newspaper everyday (no sweat! I can come up with better jokes than this).

10. I can’t read chick-lits in public anymore (will someone please tell me, how many of you have actually gone beyond the cover page of a Shakespeare classic???)