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And that’s all women need, to be kept happy…

For all the guys with that one eternal question, ‘What do they do to keep a woman happy?’. Women aren’t really as complicated as you think they are. Trust me, it really doesn’t take much to make a woman happy. And it’s really not about the expensive gifts and the knight-in-shining-armour-ish conduct (though we would want that sometimes). But it’s the simple things in life that we love the most.

We do love complements and yes, we would want to be complemented all the time. But what we truly want, and would be the greatest complement for us is, that you should have eyes only for us. For instance, we’d simply love it, if a woman walks by, looking stunning as ever and you just don’t even, as much as glance at her and continue your conversation with us, that would truly make us feel special.

The popular phrase, ‘it’s the thought that matters’ aptly applies here. We do love those expensive gifts once in a while, but sometimes a heartfelt letter or card, a single red rose, a self-sung song, or just a kiss on the forehead mean so much more than those exorbitantly priced goodies. You just have to know when to give it, and trust me, you would.

We know remembering dates is our forte, but you just CANNOT afford to forget an important date (like a birthday or anniversary) and expect us to forgive you. The least you can do is be the first one to wish us or just do something special for us on that day.

When we have a problem and come to you to rant about it, we need to be heard. And not just heard, you need to listen to us. We don’t want you to give us expert advice or oodles of pity and we certainly don’t want you to tell us to ‘just chill’ and that ‘it’s no big deal’. The least you can do is pretend to listen. You just have to switch off the TV, or pull out your iPod headphones and give us a little attention. As long as we feel that we’re being listened to and not just heard, and as long as we can feel even a wee bit of empathy, our problem is almost over.

And like I said before, it’s the small things in life we love the most. A simple text message during the day, saying ‘I love you’, a tight, comforting hug when we need it the most, a complement about the way we look on a bad hair day, a walk in the pouring rain, and so many more of those little things are things which we love the most. And ultimately, that’s all women need to be kept happy. 🙂