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So, Why does one need an ‘N’ Series?

Dedicated to Dad, K, A, and T who needed a break from their ‘N’ series phone.

It’s been a long way since messenger horsemen and pigeon carriers to the greatest advancements in telecommunications. And in 2005, when Nokia launched its breakthrough ‘multimedia phones’, the ‘N’ series, everyone saw them with lustful eyes and envied every hand that held one of those. Every teenager longed for an ‘N’ series phone (and no, I wasn’t one of them, maybe I saw it coming). And ‘sadly’, some even got it.

Oh! Those poor souls, I can only imagine how the next few weeks (or if they were lucky, months) were ruined, repeating the remove-battery-and-switch-on cycle more than five times a day, and trying to get the screen to, at the least, ‘move’.

In today’s fast-paced world, the ‘N’ series processor is so slow that I could well imagine myself trying to open an application, going on a world tour and getting back well in time to see the application open before my eyes. Let alone using it.

Talk about irony, it’s a ‘multi-media’ phone, and the moment one tries to open another ‘media’ application without properly shutting down the previous one, the processor gives up and goes into sudden death, i.e. the infamous ‘N’ series ‘hang’. The hanged screen is so common that developers should probably christen it into an all new ‘hang-mode’. After all, that is the only feature which is there in every single N series phone. After a while, it gets so frustrating, that one would probably imagine oneself on a noose instead of the symbolism of the technological term.

If ever, one of the Duracell bunnies were to come across its battery, it would probably moan for days, crying over its Nokia counterpart, with a chronic heart disease. Yes. If the Nokia battery were a person, hospitals would thrive on just treatments given to it. Imagine a battery which takes about three hours to get fully charged and a manual of the same which recommends charging only when the battery is almost empty (which is just about six hours later) for a ‘long battery life’!

Basically, why should one pay an obscene five-digit figure to receive 250gms of plastic trash?

In hindsight, the N series was Nokia’s attempt to dare to be different and come up with something much ahead of its time. The N series was Nokia’s attempt to make a mini-computer in a phone, which failed miserably (not in marketing though, for its mere brand value), the end result of which, was a miniature laptop with very limited applications and a permanent virus attack.

Today, almost five years after its launch, Nokia has tried to undo the damage done earlier by launching the N8, the N900 and the likes. But only in time will we know of its reparation to the lost credibility of the Nokia ‘N’ Series.


Anti-Social Networking

Humans have rightfully self-proclaimed themselves into being ‘social-animals’. And in the time where we all are today, the concept has been taken to an all new level in cyberspace. Voila! Make way for the phenomenal social networking sites.

The day I opened an account on facebook, I had a few things in mind about what I wanted from it. It was about four years ago, when I was naive, and thought that social networking was a great way to keep in touch with ‘friends’.

In hindsight, when I look back to that time, I am completely disillusioned about the whole point of it. I stepped into it to keep in touch with friends- my real friends. Not some creep who’s new in the city and wants to do ‘fraandship’ with me.

We’ve come a long way since the trend started. And sadly, it is now in its lowest phase. As much as many of you would disagree, it is the concealed truth. And here’s how.

First of all, there is just too much information out there in the open. There is nothing sacred or personal about an individual any more. It’s almost as if one does things in one’s day-to-day lives just so that they can go back and update their status about it. I mean seriously, would I really care about a status update which says, ‘I’m bored.’ Or one which says ‘I’m feeling so cold.’? A word of advice, if you’re so bored, then get off facebook and do something worthwhile with your life, and if you’re feeling so cold, go wear a jacket for God’s sake, stop trying to act ‘cool’! People put up the most worthless statuses on facebook. Seriously, if you’re so keen on recording your thoughts and bodily functions, then go get a diary for heaven’s sake! And save me the horror of seeing your utterly futile effort to seek attention, not to mention comments.

And even more insignificant then their statuses are the utterly nonsensical pages/groups people join. Okay do I really need to advertise if I like waking up in the morning and checking my phone? And are you competing with someone on how many pages you join which say ‘I love to sleep’? At this rate there will be a day, when people would make pages saying ‘I like the way the microbe on my body hair gets confused when it’s bleached!’ Honestly, we’re heading towards it.

Of course there are those random statuses and pages we all hate because it momentarily destroys our mental stability. But there is one more thing social networking sites destroy. It’s the special feeling of closeness one shares with a friend or a few friends which gets completely demolished when it comes to the virtual world. Facebok limits your friend list to contain 5000 friends, but in reality, you’d be lucky enough to gather up even five. And frankly it’s not even helping you make new, real friends (read: fraands).

What I’m trying to say here is that if I want a few special friends of mine to keep in touch with me I will do anything in my might to do so. I would not need a virtual catalyst to do it for me. And I would feel so much more special if people actually remembered my birthday and wished me, opposed to just being reminded of it by a virtual calendar, not to mention being reminded to even keep in touch with someone.

Social networking has made figurative puppets out of all of us. Ironic isn’t it? It was supposed to aid a social life. But in reality, all it’s doing is obliterating it. Having put it in perspective, there is nothing you can do on a social networking site which you cannot in real life (except of course, turning your friend into a vampire or throwing a dinosaur at them).

Come to think of it. What is the point of social networking sites after all? I would leave you to think about that while I go and deactivate my facebook account.