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What is your feedback on the Gender of these?

I am doing a thesis on toy ads and how toys are marketed reinforce gender stereotyping. Once it is done I’d make a post on all my findings but for now I would love some help from as many people as can be.
This is one aspect of the dissertation where a similar product uses different marketing styles for each of its target audience.
I would love if I could get your feedback on this aspect of my research.
Here are two ads of a product known as ‘Moon Sand’ which is a form of mold-able play sand (or clay) for kids to play with. Essentially the same product, both ads have been styled differently according to the target audience. Take a look:
1) Moon Sand Ocean Princess Commercial (click image to watch video on YouTube):
Moon Sand™ is the amazing moldable, holdable, decoratable sand the never dries out!
Now you can create and explore your very own undersea world complete with amazing sea life creations and beautiful mermaid princess!
Use the glitter sand to mold Moon Sand™ sea horses, dolphins, and undersea friends for your Mermaid Princess to go on undersea adventures with!
2) Moon Sand Construction Commercial (click image to watch video on YouTube):
Moon Sand™ is the amazing moldable, squish-able, build-able, demolish-able sand the never dries out!
The new Moon Sand™ Construction Sets each come with a rough and tumble construction worker, who’s built tough and ready for work!
Load your construction worker into the backhoe- then dig and demolish EVERYWHERE!
1) What did you think about these videos?
2) Did you see any difference in the way the product is marketed to its respective target audience (boys and girls), and if yes do you think it is necessary?
3) To what extent do you think this can be a factor that leads to gender stereotyping in children?
4) Do you think such a gendered preference in marketing style (and eventually children’s toy selection) is natural or does the media (and other factors) create it?
5) Any comments at all on the ads, you are free to mention.

Anjaana Anjaani-Movie Review

An almost empty theatre made my expectations hit rock bottom, but I guess that made me appreciate the film a wee bit.

In some ways ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ is just another girl meets boy story, but with a difference. The difference here is the twist. And the twist happens right at the beginning.

When fate, rather several suicide attempts and a hospital ward bring them together, all hell breaks loose as they have a mutual suicide pact if at all they don’t fulfil their last wish.

Kiara (Priyanka Chopra) suffers from a perpetual and recurring (which gets irritating towards the end because it is caused by the same person) broken heart due to which she wants to end her life and Aakash (Ranbir Kapoor) loses everything including his job and home due to the stock market crash, which becomes his reason for suicide.

What follows is an interesting journey in which they try to do things they’ve always wanted to do before they die and to live life each day like it were their last. With flashbacks squeezed in here and there, narrating how they were driven to extreme measures.

In some parts it gets stretchy and monotonous, and in some you do get little bouts of laughter (some of them, unintentionally). So the pace of the film remains moderate.

The pair does make for some good chemistry, but Priyanka Chopra’s perennial drunk act and Ranbir Kapoor’s I have an attitude but I’m an ordinary nice guy conduct, would make you wonder what else could you have bought with that ticket money.

Overall the storyline is not bad, but the film is very average due to it’s unnecessary stretch and pointless extra bits, which tend to bring the pace of the movie down. Similar to the pace of the film, the songs too can receive mixed reactions.

The film is a one time watch, and beyond that one time, you’d pray for dinosaurs to return to the planet.

The story is different and unlike most Bollywood films the story is not all that bad. But like most Bollywood films, it loses the plot halfway through.

Personally, I would give it two and three quarter stars.

If you’re a die-hard fan of the two (or even one of them), it’s a must watch. But if your looking for story as well as some brain then it’s definitely a miss.