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Happy Birthday, Mom! :)

To: My Mom,

My mentor, my guide and my pillar of strength. My best friend and my closest ally. The woman I’ll always look up to (also because you’re taller than me) 😛

Since it’s your birthday today, I’m listing some of the reasons you’re the most special person I know. So here goes:

~The fact that you’re undoubtedly the most amazing cook the world will know. 😀

~The way you look oh-so-gorgeous in a sari or even if you wear track-pants or a dress. 🙂

~The times when you pretend to get angry and it all goes wrong and ends up in laughter. 😛

~The way you always know exactly how to handle any given situation. 🙂

~The way you stand up for yourself and refuse to take any crap from anyone. 8)

~The way I’m driven to blush like a tomato when you tease me about certain people. 😳

~The way you understand me and can read my face like an open book. 🙄

~The fact that you’re the most fun person to shop with. 😆

~The times when you grudgingly listen to my random ramblings even when it’s 2:00am, and I’ve woken you up from deep sleep. :mrgreen:

~The fact that you have an eye for the most amazing goodies which I’m sure to love. 😉

~The fact that I can share EVERYTHING with you from date stories, to a glass of wine. 😉

~The way you treat even a small problem with equal importance. 🙂

~The way you’ve always supported all my academic decisions. 🙂

~The way you treat everyone equally, no matter where they come from. 🙂

~The way you ALWAYS take my side. :mrgreen:

~The way you don’t pretend to like someone. 8)

~The way you can almost always save me from angry dad/aunt. 😛

~The way you’ve never deprived me of anything from the imported baby food to the close to hundred pairs of shoes. I named it and you got it for me. 🙂

~The fact that you’re the coolest and the most perfect mom there ever will be on this planet. 😀 😀 😀

~These and those uncountable things about you that I simply adore and which make you so special. 🙂

Thank you for everything mamma. 🙂

And wish you a very very very happy birthday. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Mom! 🙂


No Biggie, The Common ‘Wealth’ Games Will be Great!

I have been trying to keep a positive attitude ever since the Common Wealth Games ’10 preparations (if we must call it that) started. And I still am trying my best to (In case you can’t see, I am saying that with a straight face).

Kalmadi may have pocketed every penny of the taxpayers’ money (okay fine, he spared 0.0000000000002% for the CWG, he isn’t that bad you see). But all said and done (literally), he means well. Our dear Mr. Kalmadi has set an ultimate example and an un-matched parameter for patriotism. All the ‘unfortunate’ incidents which led to all the countries pulling out of the Games was so that India outshines among the three countries that are participating, India, Lesotho and Somalia.

What? Somalia pulled out? That leaves us with India and Lesotho. Now at least we have an assured silver medal, if not gold. See, didn’t I tell you Kalmadi is a good man? He always means well. He is such a good man, that he even extended invitations for participation in the CWG to every other animal species and not only man. Mosquitoes and snakes have already accepted this invitation, but the other animals were too scared to participate due to unhygienic conditions (their hygiene levels are different from ours, you see).

I still believe Kalmadi is a good man. Oh yeah, and of course, Madam Dixit is a wonderful person too. Both of them have taken a stand for the anti-terrorism campaign. It is due to their effort, that we are not going to face any terrorism problem during the CWG because the terrorists said that they are going to skip CWG due to its un-liveable conditions and fear for their safety.

Aren’t all the organisers of the CWG just the most wonderful people? They’re doing so much for the welfare of the country. They tried to curb one of the major problems India faces-‘population’. But alas! The footbridge collapsed a little earlier than planned. But don’t you worry organisers-ji, your efforts are not going to go waste. ‘Dengue’ is doing the needful for you.

Organisers-ji have also ensured that nothing can go wrong. And even if anything does go wrong. They’ve dug out ample hiding space for us (come on, don’t tell me you haven’t seen the beautiful, picturesque bunkers they’ve made on the CP roads).

Madam Dixit is doing her bit of welfare too. By banning the blue-line buses, she’s ensuring that no one gets to work on time (or gets to work at all), and hence the Indian economy slows down (when did I say she was limiting the welfare to India?).

And who said they are ill-prepared? The wrestling event is already on. Mr. Kalmadi and Mr. Iyer are already rehearsing for it. Since Mr. Kalmadi is Jack of all trades, I’d probably put my money on him (and even if I don’t, he’d probably take it from me himself).

All said and done, I still believe the Games will be a success (still with a straight face). My family’s hard-earned money is lying in Kalmadi’s Swiss bank vault, but the Games will be great. There is hardly anyone participating (except India and Lesotho of course), but the games will be great. The stadiums are falling apart (come on, don’t they make for a wonderful heritage sight?), but the Games will be great. The traffic is going crazy (no no, it’s a wonderful opportunity to sit for about an hour and review all the swanky car models), but the Games will be great.

No biggie, Mr. Kalmadi and Madam Dixit, after all the efforts you’ve put in, the CWG will be great. Don’t you think?

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Why I Love Being a Woman

Today I was thinking about what it would’ve been like to have been from a different gender. But I guess I belong to the upcoming breed of the ‘gender-narcissist’, which is, that I am happy and thankful to God for creating me into this gender.
And here are some of the reasons why I love being a woman:
1.Our shopping choices and looks for the season aren’t limited to stripes and solids.
2.We can order colourful, fruity and delicious drinks, with the prettiest garnishing at a bar without being judged.
3.We’re less likely to go bald.
4.We can cry when we’re stressed without being charged with metrosexuality.
5.We can burn down buildings and get away with murder with just one excuse-PMS.
6.We can co-ordinate an event on SMS, update an entire bunch of friends on bluetooth and flash smiles at a cousin’s wedding, all at the same time.
7.We don’t have to love sports and know at least one to be respected by our gender.
8.We can read maps and we have no hang-ups about stopping to ask for directions.
9.We can have a baby.
10.We always get place to sit when using public transport. It’s the law.
11.We can get into the poshest clubs wearing open footwear and jeans.
12.We don’t have to shave everyday, and no one needs to know.
13.We know exactly when to let out and when to control emotions.
14.We can love pink or any other colour we genuinely like.
15.We can see through people, and nine out of ten times, our intuitions are accurate.
Indeed, I love being a woman. 🙂

I’m a Die-Hard fan of the Rain.

I’ve asked myself many-a-times. What is it about the rain that makes me love it so much?

We (Indians especially) who inherently love the rain, probably do so because we’re a tropical climate devoid of rain for a major part of the year. Maybe it’s the hot beverages and savouries synonymous to rain that we all love. Or maybe it’s that bollywood feeling it brings with it, in which there’s celebration and enjoyment, and no matter ho transparent the heroine’s chiffon sari gets, she still sings and dances around with the hero without caring. Yes, rain does have that effect.

Of course there are those few who detest the rain. Because of the muddy-slushy roads and the endless traffic jams. And of getting drenched from head to toe and damaging that expensive dress and just-washed hair.

But I for one, absolutely LOVE the rain!

It’s the sound and smell of the rain that gives me an endorphins-high. The way the tiny drops roll out from the leaves when it drizzles makes me marvel at the small wonders of nature. The way my hair and clothes get drenched and no one really judges. The way my childhood memories come back to me when I jump into puddles and try to make paper boats sail in them in vain. The coffee/tea, tastes so much better when I drink it looking outside the window at the rain. When the little drops fall on your face and the cool breeze blows, it feels like a little taste of heaven.  And last, but definitely not the least, nothing beats a romantic walk in the rain, holding hands with someone you love.

Rain brings out the optimist in me and gives me a burst of ecstasy.

Yes, I’m a die-hard rain-lover.

The view from my college in the rain

In my college again. Rain drops caught on leaves.

There’s a place in ‘Stereotype-hell’ reserved for me.

I saw this awesome post by IHM, titled Sinners against gender stereotyping.
And here are my set of sins. Some day I shall go to stereotype hell for them. 😛
My sins against gender stereotyping:
1. I am a foodie and love being called one. And I even love talking about food and trying out new cuisines (exotic meat included).
2. I am NOT scared of cockroaches and lizards! They’re as harmless as can be.
3. I love rock music (excluding heavy metal).
4. I have a thing for technology and gadgets. And I know how to operate them.
5. I can screw a light-bulb and hammer a nail!
6. I adore dogs. To an extent that I consider them more human.
7. I can drive, replenish the battery-fluid, and even change a flat tyre.
8. I prefer shorts to skirts. ANYDAY.
9. I don’t like lipsticks. Any cosmetic would do. But lipsticks repel me!
10. I can even open up electronics, fix them and put them back together. (And I’m not doing engineering).
11. I am not scared of the dark (though I possess the humanly trait of getting freaked by horror movies).
12. I can play cards and I sometimes even gamble with family during Diwali.
13. I can whistle!
14. I laugh like a monster when I find something really funny and often come up with my own jokes.
15. I love bikes (though I can’t ride them- I still love them).
16. I am aware of and can discuss about politics.
17. I can’t cook to save my life (or probably just enough to save my life).
18. I love dinosaurs. They fascinate me.
19. I don’t cry in front of people unless it’s a HUGE deal.
20.I dislike gossip and eves-dropping.
21. I detest soap-operas.
22. I can read maps!
23. I love playing video games. Especially ones which involve cars and guns.
24. Mess is my soulmate. I need my workspace to get messy for me to function. And i hate it when people tell me that my messy room is so ‘un-lady-like’ of me.
And though I’m a proud sinner against gender stereotyping, I also love teddy bears, romantic movies, the rain, love songs, shopping, shoes, kajal, babies, the colour pink, chocolates, jewellery and I love to bake.
I am proud to be who I am.