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The ‘Wild’ Side…

Animal spotting in a jungle safari at Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand. 🙂
Now if only I could spot a tiger or two in the ‘tiger reserve’, none-the-less, nature has just so much to offer, and this would just be a minuscule fraction of it…










Pictures by: Me.. 🙂


Ship Lofting*

'Shipping' in the Summer Sun

 This is a picture I took at a lake at Ambey Valley, Lonavala, Maharashtra.

What does this remind you of? 😉

*’Ship lofting’ is just a spoonerism for ‘shop lifting’. 😛

Look Who’s Visiting :)

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Pictures taken by me in my college garden. 🙂


There is something about the serenity in his face that just draws you to him. Something as appealing made me a tad obsessed with taking a few pictures of an idol or painting of the Buddha, from many places I spotted one.

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Pictures of Buddha from various places. Taken by me


Wordless Wednesday… Lights Out!

People here don’t just break traffic rules… They break the entire traffic signal! 😛

No wonder the traffic in Delhi is going haywire…

Fallen Traffic Signal...

Just Looking Around in Khan Market…

I went.. I liked.. I clicked… 😉


This is at one of the jewellery shops at Khan Market. I just love the vibrancy in colour…

Just hanging around..


These are wooden logs placed outside ‘Zingrin’, the apparel store…

This 'wood' do..


My friend, R’s idea, to click a picture through the mirror. I just love this idea. Makes me feel like I’m already in a frame…

Somewhere I belong.


I kind of love the way so many magazines are stacked together on a single wall. And taking it in Sepia was just so that they look like one whole…

Taking a stand..


And so much colour again. I simply love colour, especially in beaded bracelets…

Colour Crazy..


One of the walls at Big Chill. I just love their concept of classic movie posters all over the walls…

Wall of frames.


They’re jewellery and they’re music. Of course I would love bangles… 😉

The 'Bangles' in techni-colour.


I think this was a great metaphor for term ‘Big Daddy’. I loved the unwittingly strategic positioning of both…

Big Daddy..


And last but not the least. This was at another jewellery store. I loved this cluster. Gave the vintage look…

Hanging out again..

Wordless Wednesday…

So now they make it legal? 😛 😀