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Happy Birthday, Mom! :)

To: My Mom,

My mentor, my guide and my pillar of strength. My best friend and my closest ally. The woman I’ll always look up to (also because you’re taller than me) 😛

Since it’s your birthday today, I’m listing some of the reasons you’re the most special person I know. So here goes:

~The fact that you’re undoubtedly the most amazing cook the world will know. 😀

~The way you look oh-so-gorgeous in a sari or even if you wear track-pants or a dress. 🙂

~The times when you pretend to get angry and it all goes wrong and ends up in laughter. 😛

~The way you always know exactly how to handle any given situation. 🙂

~The way you stand up for yourself and refuse to take any crap from anyone. 8)

~The way I’m driven to blush like a tomato when you tease me about certain people. 😳

~The way you understand me and can read my face like an open book. 🙄

~The fact that you’re the most fun person to shop with. 😆

~The times when you grudgingly listen to my random ramblings even when it’s 2:00am, and I’ve woken you up from deep sleep. :mrgreen:

~The fact that you have an eye for the most amazing goodies which I’m sure to love. 😉

~The fact that I can share EVERYTHING with you from date stories, to a glass of wine. 😉

~The way you treat even a small problem with equal importance. 🙂

~The way you’ve always supported all my academic decisions. 🙂

~The way you treat everyone equally, no matter where they come from. 🙂

~The way you ALWAYS take my side. :mrgreen:

~The way you don’t pretend to like someone. 8)

~The way you can almost always save me from angry dad/aunt. 😛

~The way you’ve never deprived me of anything from the imported baby food to the close to hundred pairs of shoes. I named it and you got it for me. 🙂

~The fact that you’re the coolest and the most perfect mom there ever will be on this planet. 😀 😀 😀

~These and those uncountable things about you that I simply adore and which make you so special. 🙂

Thank you for everything mamma. 🙂

And wish you a very very very happy birthday. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Mom! 🙂


Comments on: "Happy Birthday, Mom! :)" (18)

  1. copy paste for my mother’s birthday!!

  2. Wish her from my side too!

  3. awwie!! so very sweet of you aru! happy birthday to aunty! 😀

  4. Really sweet! Happy Birthday to your Mom and hats off for being an amazing lady!

  5. This post is really cute.
    Wish aunty a very happy birthday!
    Hugs to you both AK!

  6. thank you & all You are the best thing happen to me couldnt ask for anythig better baby I gave birth to you & you gave birth to my motherhood so equal & Twins eh! Love you baby

    • Aww… 🙂
      Yayee… 😀 Love you so much mommy… 🙂 🙂
      biiiiiig hug… and lots and lots of love… :mrgreen:

  7. arrey mazaa a gaya padh ke! I’m sure this post will give rise to ‘similar’ letters on our mums’ birthdays! 😛 😀

    • hehe… 😀
      Thanks, Aqua. 😛
      And I kinda hope so too.. the world will be a better place than.. 😉
      hugs.. 🙂

  8. Adorable. Your mother is blessed. Happy Birthday to her.

  9. wow dear…gr8 post or I must say a gr8 n ofcourse a very sweet gift for ur mom. This post of urs has certainly inspired me to write for my mom.
    Luved it 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Mausumi.. 🙂
      I’m glad it inspired you.. 🙂
      One day I shall make India, a country full of happy moms.. 😉
      Hugs.. 🙂

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