For the many thoughts that come and go unannounced and the ones which refuse to budge out of my head…

I recently read this article on an online newspaper. It was about the ‘Effects of Western Culture on Indian Youth’.

It got me all worked up and somewhat resentful, about the fact that a youth himself had written this. You can read it here and see for yourself. A very narrow minded approach, I must say. Here’s the article. And here’s what I have to say about it. My responses in red.

CHEERS”, and the party starts. With booze, fags and skimpily dressed girls who move their bodies to be the cynosure and to attract males.

~You sound like one of those people who’d prefer if a woman is jailed in a burqa.

Come to think of it, then even a sari should be known as a non-conservative clothing, since the midriff, arms, back and neck of a woman are shown while wearing it.

And if women moving their bodies is so sexually provocative to you, let me tell you that ‘Bharatnatyam’ has evolved from a sexual dance form itself. The Mudras in it are actually sanitized versions of sex-positions.

Moreover, in the early Mughal era, as well as the vedic period in Krishna’s kingdom, women dressed up in just a piece of cloth and nothing except that, not even a bra! And when the western civilisation did come to India, women started dressing more modestly. So yeah, by dressing skimpily, we’re actually going back to our roots, and shunning western influence.

Everyone is wearing branded clothes, imported watches, designer accessories and what not. These things have become the necessities of the Indian youth and even the older generations.

~Maybe you should go back to the prehistoric era, where early man wore clothes simply by killing animals and acquiring their hides or just didn’t bother to wear clothes at all. Probably you’d fit there much better.

A father-son duo sitting together and enjoying their drinks, women going to pubs and discos and getting involved in obscene acts and girls taking their boyfriends to their homes to have a jolly time with parents and otherwise too.

~Well, half the suicides in the country were happening due to parental pressure and parents not understanding their children. How can you even call this a flaw? The fact that parents are more understanding and empathetic towards their children is half the battle won. The only way India can progress is by the youth doing what they desire most to do. And in this case, if their parents are broadminded enough to let them have their way, who are you to have a problem with that?

What can one infer after reading the above lines? I guess, the first answer would be that India is changing over the course of time.

India, as the name flickers, one thinks of religion, traditions, art and culture and it’s apt to think so because India is the country which is famous for its diversity in these aspects.

~True, you do think of those things, but if that is ALL you can think about when you think of India, then you have serious issues. And then you talk of diversity, ironic isn’t it? Maybe you should get some language training first and then think about writing at all.

The land where the great Raja Ram Mohan, Tagore, Gandhi transformed the thinking of people and removed the social stigmas like sati pratha (the practice of widows being forced to sit on the pior of their husbands), untouchability and many more.

~Maybe I should give you a little respect. Because if you can write stuff like this, and these are the only people you can think of as the do-gooders of the country then you OBVIOUSLY don’t belong to the youth (at least not in this century).

And the same Raja Ram Mohan who emancipated women, travelled the world with a Brahman cook.

India was known as “Sone Ki Chidiya” (The Golden Bird) but the shine has faded away gradually with the change in I, YOU and WE. Indian society has evolved into a mixed breed of Western and Indian culture. People are becoming too much casual in both their personal and professional lives, how a “Good Morning Madam” has now become “Hi Diksha”, how a “Namaste Daadu” has become “Hey Grandpa”, courtesy the western culture. The western culture has proved to be a setback for Indian culture, its rituals, its traditions and mannerism.

~First of all, grammatical error. It’s ‘much too casual’ and not ‘too much casual’.

And ‘Good Morning Madam’ is ENTIRELY a western statement. And thus, you’re contradicting yourself, because if you find this gesture polite and becoming, the conception of the statement is due to the very western influence you are criticizing.

And again, what problem do you have if this Grandpa is emotionally secure enough to be friends with his grandchild?

The Western culture may have been a setback for a few things, but definitely not its rituals, traditions and mannerism. I myself am well-versed with the Mahabharata, Ramayana, The Bhagwad Gita, The Koran, etc. and I know almost all the history there is where our country is concerned. I am the best of friends with my mom and dad, and I share EVERYTHING with them, but I still hold an immense amount of respect for them as well.

The Indian morning which used to begin with bhajans and kirtans now begins with the rock of Metallica and the punk of Greenday.

~Now seriously, which retard listens to Metallica or Greenday as soon as they wake up? Moreover, is there anybody (in their ‘youth’) who ever woke up to listen to Bhajans or Kirtans EVERY morning? Let alone the youth of today, I don’t think this even happened in the yesteryears.

The age of losing virginity has gone down to teens — following the western culture, these days it has become a casual and usual trend to lose virginity as teenagers.

~So, you’d rather have a girl of age 5, who’s been wedded under one of the flawed traditions we did away with, lose her virginity unwillingly, than have a girl of age 18 lose her virginity willingly. The age of consent has been LEGALLY accepted as 16 years, without Western influence, mind you.

The way in which Hollywood movies have created an impact on our society is blaspheme. The Indian movies are now more vulgar and obscene as they try to imitate the western trends and it is one of the major reasons that India’s youth is changing.

~Hollywood movies have always been this way. It is due to the brainlessness of some Indian filmmakers that they can’t come up with an original plot. And then they start blaming Hollywood for influencing them in such a way that they end up becoming vulgar.

But the coin has its other side too.

The effect of western culture has been a boon in the field of education and technology. From the time of the British, Indians inclined themselves towards education for betterment of their lives. The education system has improved with the course of time and this was all because of the western culture.

~Loud and clear now, one of the reasons why this Western culture has improved the field of education is due to the fact that it has also taught parents to be more understanding towards their children (which you apparently have a problem with) and let them do what they want to and hence let them excel in it, without driving them towards killing themselves.

The way in which the homosexual community has been accepted in most parts of India, is a result of western culture coming to India. The western culture has given us the liberty to think beyond the somewhat prejudiced culture towards certain aspects of our society.

~The Western culture HAS definitely given us the ability think out of the box. But the very fact that you make a statement like the ‘liberty’ to ‘think’ make it clear that these things are completely lacking in you. Like, Hello? You don’t need any ‘liberty’ to think at all. Thinking is a basic human trait, which people like you, obviously wouldn’t know about. This entire write-up is an example of that.

Plus, the very fact that you’ve bracketed homosexuality into a ‘homosexual community’ goes to show how narrow-minded you are. They are individuals and completely normal beings and have the utmost right to live without being bracketed into being called different such as you did by stating that they’re the ‘homosexual community’.

India’s culture has influenced many countries, many people and many souls, a foreigner dancing to the melodious and religious bhajanhare Rama, hare Krishna” and a foreigner coming to India in a boeing and carrying with him memories of a rickshaw wala and then missing them in their homeland.

The western culture might have brought obscenity and disrespect but it has eradicated a lot of the social evils and has helped India in transforming into a better and progressed nation.

~Foreigners also have taken with them the ‘Kamasutra’, something that is an inevitable part of the Indian cultural heritage. And which foreigner do you know of who missed a rickshaw wala in their homeland? Plus the ‘ISCKON’ or the ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ foundation, which was a conception of Srila Prabhupada was set up by an American.

A word of advice, please get your facts clear before keying them down and getting them published.

I guess the reason this bothered me so much is because this was written by someone who’s almost the same age as I am. I really can’t understand why he has a problem with certain things we all have embraced with open arms as a welcome change.

Comments on: "Effects of Western Culture on Indian Youth? And so the ‘Youth’ Speaks…" (12)

  1. OMG! I just went through the original article and the comments posted on that. That was so shallow. On top of that, someone (AN) commented about how she does not agree with it. This bloke replies saying ‘I am guessing that you are a girl ‘.(WTF?) and that if we think saree is sexy, we should ask the female members of the family to stop wearing it (WTH is the logic here)!

    There is no apparent logic or concept behind what he wrote, it was just a superficial comment and he was getting extremley defensive about it. Good points Arushi! Well done :)

    • Thanks Poornima Di. ;)
      When I first read this I thought this was written by some 60-year-old.
      It is kind of disturbing that this guy is not only the same age as I am, but even younger than me! :roll:
      Doesn’t he sound completely retarded???
      This is the kind of Sexist/prejudiced attitude the apparent ‘western’ influence has not been able to do away with in this guy. 8O
      I guess this was the most productive way of venting out all my aggression. I just hope he reads it, and it knocks some sense into his hollow head! :twisted:
      Hugs.. :)

  2. hahaha! this is a most ridiculous article that u’ve rightly and wonderfully given a thappad to! Two chaantas from my end to whoever is this so called “young fellow”.

    I think this joker certainly had a traumatic childhood and now wants others to have a traumatic youth !!

    I say kudos to the youth of today- they’re sharper, more evolved, more mature, far more responsible and they cope damn well with challenges of this global world. They have my greatest admiration.

    Every generation has its own set of challenges that they have to deal with and establish their own identity, and I am so optimistic about this generation :)

    • You are so right, MK
      Finally after centuries, things like, race, culture, class etc.. are turning into people.
      And It’s all for the better. We’re in a time where we’re far more rational and we don’t take things as a given like some of the mindless religious customs.. etc.. at least we’re developing an understanding enough to question certain things which we don’t feel gelling very well with our sensibilities.
      Thanks once again, MK.
      I’m glad you liked my reply,
      but I still hope I could give this guy a real thappad instead of a virtual one.. ;)
      love and hugs.. :)

  3. Ok, so that was an ultra stupid post that the guy wrote. But c’mon, the fact remains jerks like him can be found all over. Bashing this poor ignorant soul isn’t of much use. Reading this guy’s post just reminded me that people with such blubbering, fist-shaking opinions exist out there! Difference between all those folks and this particular a-hole is that He knows how to work on the interrrnet :o then again.. maybe not…*shrug*

    • You’re amazing, V. :)
      And I’m sure it’s of no use bashing this dude… :P
      But the least I can do, as service to society, would be to at least clear my conscience about turning a blind eye towards something that I felt so strongly against, and I’m sure many more did too.. ;)
      love and hugs, V. :)

  4. wonderfully replied….para by para….

  5. kimberlymccoy20 said:

    But i don’t agree with your view for saree & bharatnatyam dance.

  6. vivekpandey said:

    some point s r wrong like no foriner would respect or remember indians

  7. I guess this is the only article that got me rapt in attention. The words are mind-blowers and the replies are somewhat corny. This definitely helped me a lot. And i’m gonna delete my Greenday songs from my cell. roflmao..

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