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To Chennai, With Love

This post was selected for BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday picks on 28th September ’10

It isn’t the best city in the country. The weather isn’t what I’d look forward to. The people aren’t all extremely welcoming or non-judgemental. But just four days in Chennai with K made it one of my favourite places.

The feeling started to crop in the moment I spotted that familiar face at the airport. K stood there looking through the glass, at a clumsy me trying to handle my baggage off the conveyor belt on to the trolley. Two years with K, and it still feels like love at first sight whenever I see him.

The tightest hug ever, dissolved all the little embarrassment of being spotted in a candid moment.

In no time after that we were in his masculine and rustic open Jeep (aka, his baby), driving around town to reach the hotel. K is a brilliant driver, and was probably also trying to show off his driving skills. And it did work, must say. 😉

The next morning we braced ourselves for an entire day at the video game parlour, ‘Blur‘ (yes, I love video games, I almost become a 10-year old boy when it comes to video games). Sometimes all you have to do to feel happy is bring back that childhood feeling of playfulness. K likes to believe that he beat me at bowling, his claim being that the one with the lower score wins, but I know I won, fair and square (and of course, fluke). It’s not really male ego, but more of the adorable-ness, I’d say. 😛

The next day we hogged on sizzlers and brownies. We aren’t the most dignified when it comes to food. And I’m not always the shy woman who doesn’t like to be a glutton in front of a man. If you’ve got it (the skills to eat like a pig), then you’ve got to flaunt it.

Sometimes I find little things like snuggling and watching a movie on a laptop and sipping coke, to be the most romantic things ever. ‘500 Days of Summer‘- not really the greatest movie ever made, but definitely one of the most enjoyable movies.

The day that followed, K showed me around (rather proudly at that) Loyola College. One of the most magnificent structures I saw in Chennai. I loved seeing that expression on his face, clearly saying ‘see how beautiful my college is’. 🙂

K’s Jeep is a sight in itself. Just driving around in it feels like you’re in a safari (not the SUV, I mean the one you do in a jungle).

My last day, involved us waking up at four in the morning and going to the beach to watch the sunrise. One of the most beautiful sights in the world is undoubtedly the sunrise/sunset. And when you have someone to watch it with, it just makes it all the more worthwhile. You can almost hear invisible violinists playing in the background.

A buffet breakfast at the Taj, was the best way to savour the pleasures of watching the sunrise, and a perfect way to end a wonderful trip. Next stop, departure terminal at the airport, and off to Delhi.

There is a lot more that I did in those four days and a lot more places that I visited, but if I start to pen down all of that, It’ll probably suck-up space sufficient for a hundred posts.

I did come with my set of apprehensions. I did have a lot of hangups about how the place and people here would be. But never did I foresee all the fun I had, and the happiness I brought back with me. I’m not very quick to love anything, but the place changed a little bit of that in me.

I may be biased because of K, but this was one of my best holidays ever. I may not remember it for it’s architecture, weather or people. But Chennai would always have a special place in my heart, for bringing back that childlike feeling of playfulness, for breaking barriers of our so-called societal norms and going on my own to meet my beloved, for giving me joy in the simplest things like the wind blowing in my face while being driven in an open Jeep and snuggling and watching a movie, and most of all for making me fall in love with K every day. 🙂

Almost Sunrise


Comments on: "To Chennai, With Love" (17)

  1. Very cute I must say! I am so happy that you had a lovely time and you have put that lovely time into lovely words. I love the snuggling bit over the movie and my favorite is the invisible violist bit. Everything is so cute about this.

    • Thank you so much.. 🙂
      I did have a time of my life.

      And yes, snuggling and watching a movie is the best feeling ever.. 🙂
      And.. sometimes doing the most ‘unconventionally’ romantic stuff like playing video games or guzzling truckloads of food together just feel so good.. 😛
      Don’t you think? 😉

      Anyway, Thanks once again, Poornima di..
      Hugs.. 🙂

  2. If u’ve got it, flaunt it..
    In the last 3 days this is the best thing i have come across

    • Hehe.. 🙂
      Love you AN..
      Thank you so much.. 🙂
      I’m dying to see you and give you the tightest bear-hug ever…
      Please take care of yourself..
      you know we’re always there for you (that goes without saying)
      Loads and loads of love…
      and a big hug..

  3. You finally saw the movieeee!!
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt is so cute.

    • I diiiiiiid…. 😀
      thanks for giving it to me.. 🙂
      and yes he so is.. in an unconventional sort of way.. 😉
      hugs.. 🙂

  4. aww that sounds like an awesome vacation! i have been to chennai in 200o and after reading this I think it is time i revisited it again 🙂

    • thank you Deethi.. 🙂
      I did have an awesome time, and it was special because it was my first visit to Chennai..
      and I guess you should revisit.. I’m sure a lot has changed ever since.
      cheers.. 🙂

  5. this is the best and the only thing anyone’s written about me. it was the best vacation i’ve had till date and will always remember it. it will make me happy whenever i think about it and remind me how fortunate i am.

    • Aww.. Thank you so much.
      and thank you for the trip.
      Even I haven’t had a better holiday than this.
      this was undoubtedly my most unforgettable trip.. 🙂
      Hugs.. 🙂

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  7. loved it!! But more pics required!!!!

  8. I agree with V!
    We want pictures!!!!!

  9. Chennai has its own charm..despite its limitations and flaws…
    hv spent two years time there…
    like the Besant nagar beach too much…even though Marina is the famous one…

    • So very true.. It does have it’s flaws..
      But there’s something about it you just can’t help but like. 🙂

  10. I’m sure that i will come back to your website soon, keep us posting

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