For the many thoughts that come and go unannounced and the ones which refuse to budge out of my head…

Dear Tejaswee…

Dear Tejaswee,

As you know, I never liked calling you by a nick name (because I respect the fact that our parents put a lot of thought into deciding names for us). This is my sixth letter to you, the previous five being the ones I had written to you when you were in the ICU, when you needed to know what was going on around you. I know you never read those letters in front of me, but I’m sure you did read them later without letting me know. Sorry for the bad grammar in them by the way, you know what state of mind I was in when I was writing them.

It’s been exactly a month since you died. And I remember the time when we were sitting in my car, and you told me that when you die, you’d prefer people to use the words death and died instead of insinuations for it. I’m sorry for not saying so before. It was just difficult for me to do so. After you died, I felt lost for quite some time. Stayed quieter than ever, was so unaware that I wet my iPod in the rain and now even that is not working any more. I quit my dance classes (I know you’re going to hate me for it, but I don’t think I could put my heart into it). And most of all I had lost my belief in God. Maybe I was really angry with him. I just couldn’t see you go. I guess I came to know about God’s human side that day, of sometimes being more selfish than man.

By the way thanks for replying to my random conversations with you through my dreams. Each one of them was so comforting. So like you, always know how to make things better. I remember the time when I cried on your shoulder about my masi being really ill, and you just made it all so much better. And made me laugh after that, and I made you swear not to tell anyone that I cried.

I still haven’t seen inception by the way. We were supposed to watch it for friendship day, the day you were hospitalised. That day you totally outdid me with the ultra lame jokes you were cracking, about us to be positive, ‘cause that’s your blood group, and the fact that you’re in the ICU, but the irony is that no one can actually ‘see you’. You also told me to reduce my caffeine intake, and yes, it has fallen drastically (V and A are witnesses to that). A, V and A are fine by the way. They still do the best they can to take my case, and now that you’re not there, there’s no one to tell them to stop. I also added D on facebook. I remember when you had told me, that I might get along with him because he’s into dance.

Aunty is doing well too, she’s being really brave. I’m sure you already know that, and you’re looking at her and giving those virtual hugs you used to give me on the phone. Uncle was ill a few weeks ago, but he’s much better now. I talk to aunty every day, speak about your little quirks and eccentricities. I also tied two rakhis to your brother, K by the way. One from you and one from me. I remember when you told me how patronising you found the whole system of the brother ‘protecting’ the sister, and that it should be mutual.

I’m sorry about those nights I spent crying, maybe it was all pent up. You see, I did the best I could to hold it in, in front of aunty and uncle. And you know me really well, before you left us, you were the only one apart from my family, who’d ever seen me cry.

You know, sometimes when I look at little things, they remind me of you. When I look at my fridge, I’m always reminded of when you labelled me as your ‘fridge-friend’, which is a friend who opens the fridge in your place and takes whatever she likes. My pillow reminds me of when we were little kids in class two, and you had told me this story about the ‘magic pillow’ you apparently had. You bum, I almost believed you at that.

Tejaswee, you may not be around physically, but I know you’re there somewhere. I know you listen to me when I talk in the air randomly and hope like hell that you’re listening. Sometimes when I watch the rain, I remember the time we danced in the rain and got wet from head to toe. Before I knew you, I never thought love existed beyond a romantic relationship. You truly showed me what love is, when you took care of me in the medical room when I had got a severe asthma attack, when you came back for me when we were crossing the road, and I got stuck in the middle. When you got me those bodyshop lip-balms in front of me and never told me that they were actually meant for me. And all those times you showed me what it is like to love a friend with all your heart.

The last day that you talked to me, you told me you’ll always love me. And I know you’ll stand by it. Please keep coming in my dreams and talking to me, you’re the only one who could give me sound advice. Life is going on, sweety. But I don’t think it can be the same without you, at least not for now. It’s going to take time. I cannot let go of you so easily. But learning from you, I am living every moment to its best. I’m honing my talent of writing, which you always believed in and encouraged. I’m going to write a book on you. People need to know what an extraordinary person you were.

You will always live on in my heart, no matter what. We’re going to do the things you always wanted to. One of them being that all of us are planning to adopt kids like you always wanted to. I still miss you sometimes, but you’re the only one who gives me the hope to live life to the fullest. Thinking about you may someday retain my faith in God, because if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have had a friend like you. You will always live on sweety, we will never let your spirit die. You’ll always be among us guiding us through right and wrong. And I will love you forever, as I promised.

Till the next time that you meet me in my dreams, loads and loads of love and big virtual hugs.


PS: Say hi to Heath Ledger for me and tell him I’ve been a huge fan. 🙂 And stop blushing at the mention of Heath Ledger. 😛



Comments on: "Dear Tejaswee…" (13)

  1. Hugs Arushi! You write really well. Though I am no body to comment on the relationship that you both shared, I think Tejaswee will be really proud of you. Hugs again.

    • Thank you so much.. 🙂
      I just hope she can read this somehow.. we’ve been friends since eleven years.. and it was a huge shock..
      That time may have been the worst I’d ever seen..
      I just hope that wherever she is, she’s happy.. and I can make her proud in some way or the other..
      Thanks a lot once again..
      Love and hugs.. 🙂

  2. “And most of all I had lost my belief in God. Maybe I was really angry with him. I just couldn’t see you go. I guess I came to know about God’s human side that day, of sometimes being more selfish than man.”

    “You know, sometimes when I look at little things, they remind me of you”

    I felt the EXACT same. and I know tj would have surely shouted at me for the above one.

    what a beautiful one. and i Love the ending. so cute..
    miss tj… :
    take care


  3. hey couldn’t help noe some similarities-
    1. I dream of her too. And she talks to me. ( i thought i was going soft in the head but its good to know that i have a partner in crime. :D)
    2. I missed inception too. We watched loads of movies together and i had chalked it out. Me, TJ, K and my bro….but this happened. A certain Mr. ThespiansMentalPicture was the reason i missed out another movie(previously) with her too cause he decided to visit her at around the same time. 😛 🙂

    I guess the idea of adoption has hit everyone(me included). Thanks to Tejaswee many destitude kids will have good families and a bright life in the future. See, she inspires us to do what is right even when she’s no more. (allright TJ-) or dead.

    The love bit. Yeah i agree totally. When we were out, TJ used to link her arm in mine. I felt odd (not because of her but because of what others would think). When i told her about it she said “hey kiddo, let others think what they want to” , and stubbornly did it again. She was a beautiful pure human being. Just too good. God is selfish.
    Hey write a book . Totally. You already have a buyer/reader.
    I miss her loads too. Take strength from the fact that like you there are many others who were close to her and miss her(her family in particular.That was sweet what you did on Rakhi for K. He needs this.) I do the same. Its what makes me go on.
    Take care. Be strong for IHM,S and K.

    • Hey.. Thanks 🙂
      I miss do miss her a lot..
      and it’s amazing how much she loved everyone alike.. 🙂
      I am going to write a book.. and thanks for being my first client! 😉
      you too take care..
      and I will consult you and Divesh if I get stuck somewhere on the book.. 🙂
      hugs.. 🙂

  4. this is the best post i have read so far! and i promise she is listening to you and making sure you keep well.I am glad you are going to do all those things as u both were supposed to do and make Tejaswee live in spirit.

    The book that you will write will be read by many and me too and i promise to keep her in my prayers everyday 🙂

    i am glad to know that she has friends like you.I read her mother blog and got here from there,I know what she must be going there for her and never let go of her.My brothers friends just left mom and never came as they said they could not face our home without him.Mom was even more hurt as she was seeing him in them and that was the last hook.

    Bless you girl.

    • Thank you so much.. 🙂

      I really hope she can see me and hear me from somewhere.. I keep having those one-to-one conversations with her for just about anything, right from choosing what dress to wear.. And I imagine her choosing it for me and feel like she answered my crazy ramblings..
      I just want to feel her presence somehow and keep her alive..

      And I’ve made a promise to her and to myself that I’ll make sure that I’ll do anything that lessens the void felt by her mother, father and brother..

      Thanks a lot for understanding.. I really does mean a lot..
      The book is definitely going to be out sometime.. It’s just going to take a little time, because one can’t really settle for anything average for such a remarkable person..

      Hugs.. 🙂

  5. […] When you were around I prayed for you, […]

  6. `*- I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives great information ;`-

  7. This is something very very very touching. After reading this I felt like I am also one of her friend, I am somehow attached to it now. You are a great friend, I hope God gives everyone a friend like you and a friend like Tejaswee. I am dead sure that she is listening to you,she is watching you and her family and other friends as though she is still there with you guys.

    PS-I am the guy who wrote an article on youthkiawaaz about effect of western culture, I hereby take back my words if in anyway they have hurt the sentiments of a woman. And I think you are the girl who criticized me for it. Thank you for that and for making me realise that I should put in the right kind of words and sentences to put forward my view.

    Cheers 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Abhijit. 🙂
      Tejaswee was truly very special and someone very close to my heart.

      And I’m really sorry if I hurt you in any way while commenting on your post. I have overtly feminist tendencies, which sometimes ooze out to its heart content when it senses anything wrong. I hereby take back all the personal attacks (but I still stand by the other things 😛 ).

      Thanks so much once again, Abhijit. You’ve been truly sporting. And I’m glad you’ve been sensible enough to take it in your stride. I guess I judged you too soon. Sorry for that.

      Arushi 🙂

  8. I was really taken aback when I saw that you were commenting on personal things. When I commented there for the first time I thought you would understand my point that I am not against women or I was not talking about the majority(My mistake that I didn’t specify this in my post). And then when it got messy, I was asked by my editor to keep mum to maintain the decorum.
    And two of your friends were also there to support you, right :P. For one moment I was like why these girls are not understanding me and attacking me as if they have come prepared just to attack me(looked like your parents scolded you and you were venting out all the frustration on me :P)
    But its past now,I also know my mistake now and you too know yours, and we will try not to commit these mistakes again. 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

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