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Today was the season finale of ‘Glee’, my favourite show, ever since the second season of ‘Castle’ ended (all this by Indian time).
For those of you who don’t know, Glee is about a group of school kids who belong to a school show choir and their optimistic teacher’s attempts to make them find themselves.
I’ve always loved Glee for the splendid performances and the brilliant song covers and the fact that even though I am not particularly fond of musicals, this show has something special about it that makes me love it so much.
But more than anything else it has a message. It tells you that, no matter who you are, what others think of you, or where you come from, you are an individual and are special in your own way.
Their coach, Will Schuster, did do a good job of transforming nobodies into somebodies and those who thought they were somebodies (and apparently weren’t) into someone who they really were.
It didn’t have a movie-like ending of the underdogs winning the final competition. In fact the team in question, ‘New Directions’ didn’t stand anywhere in the competition. But no matter what direction the competition took, I truly believe (and so would most of us) that it was a happy ending.
Because, at the end of the day they learnt, that no matter who wins, all that counts is the fact that they put their heart and soul into what they did and loved doing and enjoyed it. It is the journey that matters and not the destination and if the journey was great, no one needs to care about the destination.
In the end they all found the true meaning of happiness because they found friends, found love, found their strengths and weaknesses, and most of all, they found themselves, who they truly are.
The initial part of the show reminded me of my days at middle school, when I hated who I was and wished like hell that I could be special. And it took me three years thereafter to change my outlook and love who I was, because no matter who others thought me to be I knew I was special in my own unique way.
And this very idea was reinforced into me by this very show.
So all those who’ve been watching ‘Glee’ (and even those who have not), if you’ve ever felt that you wanted to be someone else, or weren’t good enough, think again.
Never be afraid to be who you are, your true self.
Because only then would you truly find ‘glee’ 🙂
The final performance by the Glee club group New Directions- Journey Medley. 🙂

Comments on: "To Love who you are and be ‘Glee’-ful…" (10)

  1. We both like Glee and Castle.

    • absolutely! 😉
      both Castle and Glee are my guilty pleasures.
      It’s amazing what a worldwide phenomenon they’ve become. 🙂

  2. I love Castle, but I never tried to see Glee. I will try to catch up somehow. We all go through phases of being someone else of trying to be someone else – the realization of finding yourself and being happy about it is really nice.

    • you put it perfectly…
      watching Glee was like reliving my school days..
      you should watch it.. it has that ‘feel good’ factor about it.. 😉
      And Castle.. well let’s not get me started about it.. I can go on and on rambling about how much of an adrenaline rush it gives me.. 😀

      you could watch Glee (or any other show for that matter) here:

  3. Glee is a wonderful I just love it. Oh and Sue is unparalled her insults and comments are amazing!
    And thankfully they didnt win in the end ohterwise it would have become a bollywood movie (sick of them)
    I am waiting for Castle, glee and white colour to start again.

    • I agree.. 🙂
      and even though Sue’s supposed to be mean and bitchy, there is something likeable about her. In fact there is something likeable about every single character in the show. 🙂

      Not so much of White Collar.. and I’m still on a Glee hangover..
      but I’m WAITING for Castle (the new season) to start! 😉

  4. I almost cried thrice in this season finale – the songs were amazing brilliant.
    I love the theme of Glee – breaking out of your shell and becoming the person you are.
    And I definitely want to see Castle season 2…maybe you should try Bones too if you like Castle.

    • I swear.. I loved the last scene where the kids sing ‘To Sir, With Love’ for Schuster and Schuster sings ‘Somewhere, over the rainbow’ for the kids.
      That was really touching. Brought me happy tears. 🙂
      And I am eagerly waiting for Castle. And I have started watching Bones. It’s really good! 🙂 thanks a tonne.. 🙂

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