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Why I Love Being a Woman

Today I was thinking about what it would’ve been like to have been from a different gender. But I guess I belong to the upcoming breed of the ‘gender-narcissist’, which is, that I am happy and thankful to God for creating me into this gender.
And here are some of the reasons why I love being a woman:
1.Our shopping choices and looks for the season aren’t limited to stripes and solids.
2.We can order colourful, fruity and delicious drinks, with the prettiest garnishing at a bar without being judged.
3.We’re less likely to go bald.
4.We can cry when we’re stressed without being charged with metrosexuality.
5.We can burn down buildings and get away with murder with just one excuse-PMS.
6.We can co-ordinate an event on SMS, update an entire bunch of friends on bluetooth and flash smiles at a cousin’s wedding, all at the same time.
7.We don’t have to love sports and know at least one to be respected by our gender.
8.We can read maps and we have no hang-ups about stopping to ask for directions.
9.We can have a baby.
10.We always get place to sit when using public transport. It’s the law.
11.We can get into the poshest clubs wearing open footwear and jeans.
12.We don’t have to shave everyday, and no one needs to know.
13.We know exactly when to let out and when to control emotions.
14.We can love pink or any other colour we genuinely like.
15.We can see through people, and nine out of ten times, our intuitions are accurate.
Indeed, I love being a woman. 🙂

Comments on: "Why I Love Being a Woman" (7)

  1. This made me smile! and LOL on “Our shopping choices and looks for the season aren’t limited to stripes and solids.” Keep it going girl!

  2. *Applauds*
    Loved the post. We need more women posting about the good points of being one.

    • Oh.. Thank you so much. 🙂
      Women need to read this for a little boost of self esteem, and for warding off even the slightest thought of not being good enough. 🙂

  3. I love the “we CAN”.. beautifully written..


  4. i like your writing. this is one great one. we share female chauvinism 😀

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