For the many thoughts that come and go unannounced and the ones which refuse to budge out of my head…

I’ve asked myself many-a-times. What is it about the rain that makes me love it so much?

We (Indians especially) who inherently love the rain, probably do so because we’re a tropical climate devoid of rain for a major part of the year. Maybe it’s the hot beverages and savouries synonymous to rain that we all love. Or maybe it’s that bollywood feeling it brings with it, in which there’s celebration and enjoyment, and no matter ho transparent the heroine’s chiffon sari gets, she still sings and dances around with the hero without caring. Yes, rain does have that effect.

Of course there are those few who detest the rain. Because of the muddy-slushy roads and the endless traffic jams. And of getting drenched from head to toe and damaging that expensive dress and just-washed hair.

But I for one, absolutely LOVE the rain!

It’s the sound and smell of the rain that gives me an endorphins-high. The way the tiny drops roll out from the leaves when it drizzles makes me marvel at the small wonders of nature. The way my hair and clothes get drenched and no one really judges. The way my childhood memories come back to me when I jump into puddles and try to make paper boats sail in them in vain. The coffee/tea, tastes so much better when I drink it looking outside the window at the rain. When the little drops fall on your face and the cool breeze blows, it feels like a little taste of heaven.  And last, but definitely not the least, nothing beats a romantic walk in the rain, holding hands with someone you love.

Rain brings out the optimist in me and gives me a burst of ecstasy.

Yes, I’m a die-hard rain-lover.

The view from my college in the rain

In my college again. Rain drops caught on leaves.


Comments on: "I’m a Die-Hard fan of the Rain." (6)

  1. Cute post Arushi!. Hope you enjoyed the rains this season.

  2. lovely raindrops 😀

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