For the many thoughts that come and go unannounced and the ones which refuse to budge out of my head…

I saw this awesome post by IHM, titled Sinners against gender stereotyping.
And here are my set of sins. Some day I shall go to stereotype hell for them. 😛
My sins against gender stereotyping:
1. I am a foodie and love being called one. And I even love talking about food and trying out new cuisines (exotic meat included).
2. I am NOT scared of cockroaches and lizards! They’re as harmless as can be.
3. I love rock music (excluding heavy metal).
4. I have a thing for technology and gadgets. And I know how to operate them.
5. I can screw a light-bulb and hammer a nail!
6. I adore dogs. To an extent that I consider them more human.
7. I can drive, replenish the battery-fluid, and even change a flat tyre.
8. I prefer shorts to skirts. ANYDAY.
9. I don’t like lipsticks. Any cosmetic would do. But lipsticks repel me!
10. I can even open up electronics, fix them and put them back together. (And I’m not doing engineering).
11. I am not scared of the dark (though I possess the humanly trait of getting freaked by horror movies).
12. I can play cards and I sometimes even gamble with family during Diwali.
13. I can whistle!
14. I laugh like a monster when I find something really funny and often come up with my own jokes.
15. I love bikes (though I can’t ride them- I still love them).
16. I am aware of and can discuss about politics.
17. I can’t cook to save my life (or probably just enough to save my life).
18. I love dinosaurs. They fascinate me.
19. I don’t cry in front of people unless it’s a HUGE deal.
20.I dislike gossip and eves-dropping.
21. I detest soap-operas.
22. I can read maps!
23. I love playing video games. Especially ones which involve cars and guns.
24. Mess is my soulmate. I need my workspace to get messy for me to function. And i hate it when people tell me that my messy room is so ‘un-lady-like’ of me.
And though I’m a proud sinner against gender stereotyping, I also love teddy bears, romantic movies, the rain, love songs, shopping, shoes, kajal, babies, the colour pink, chocolates, jewellery and I love to bake.
I am proud to be who I am.

Comments on: "There’s a place in ‘Stereotype-hell’ reserved for me." (3)

  1. Thats a bold statement!

  2. 1. I love food but I am pretty reserved. Not into mutton, fish and the list continues. Same for cabbage, carrot, raddish- stuff like that.

    2. >_>”

    3. Trance =D

    4. ooh nice! I get new ones on a weekly basis =D

    5. So can I but don’t want to x_x”

    6. Garfield once said that Dog’s saliva is cleaner than humans.

    7. So can Chuck Norris (I know…I just didn’t know what else to say)

    8. hmmm…..

    9. 😐

    10. Yeah….cheesecakes!!! (lol people say girls in India are not into such stuff except ipod and all that contraption. Processor!!! Gfx card!!! Motherboard!!! ln2 extreme overclock- that’s the good stuff!!!! =D

    11. Not all get scared by horror movies and they are humans 😐 (alive too :D)

    12. hmm?

    13. 😮

    14. oooo….

    15. ookkaaayy(?)

    16. >_> I avoid it. Such topics have a tendency to get deviated and somehow become religious discussion unless its talked with people who know what they’re saying.

    17. x|

    18. Dinosaurs borrowed 100 bucks from Rajnikanth. When he asked, they refused. Last time they were spotted was at the Museum in New york!

    19. cake?

    20. Oooh you’ll be suprised the stuff I come to know in the world of pc and tech that too from the main guys. Not everything is published for the greater good.

    21. Yeah. No soap can last that long.

    22. Yeah..but they already invented GPS with one of those voices.

    23. GTA??? You should try Wii.

    24. LOL you should see my workspace. Mom says “God bless the people when you start your own office to work on your reviews and testing!” >_>”. But I don’t loose stuff if I keep it this way. I also don’t like people moving my chair and table. Its comfy in every way and in any weather (Yes- like Sheldon from The Big bang theory….you’re in my spot!)

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