For the many thoughts that come and go unannounced and the ones which refuse to budge out of my head…

1. I have to think of other ways to avoid doing chores ’cause now, sadly, i cannot use the accusation of imposing ‘child labour’ any more (now, the law makers really need to form an anti-just-turned-adult-work-law)

2.i can’t get anywhere with a half ticket. Not without looking like an insane retard straight out of an asylum for autistics (Now this one’s heart breaking).

3. I can’t ward off the oh-so-famous ‘behave like an adult’ discourse. (even pouting doesn’t work).

4. I have to have a solid, good enough reason to back up my occasional off the record crying (will someone please explain to people that tear ducts are here for a reason).

5. I’m considered an adult, but i still don’t get to consume alcohol (now this one’s outright unfair).

6. My oh-so-not-wanted-at-that-time paternal aunts start obsessing over, “little child can get married, i wonder who the lucky guy would be” (now, seriously, lucky or no lucky, you people just need to get a life).

7. I can’t watch my favourite cartoons without getting horrible glances from my little cousins, nieces & nephews (hello? We didn’t have the luxary of about a million kids’ channels in our time).

8. I can’t mess up & expect people to melt with that oh-so-angelic-with-a-halo-around-her-head-smile (now you need to know that even 18 year olds can break vases).

9. I’m expected to read the newspaper everyday (no sweat! I can come up with better jokes than this).

10. I can’t read chick-lits in public anymore (will someone please tell me, how many of you have actually gone beyond the cover page of a Shakespeare classic???)


Comments on: "10 reasons why I didn’t want to become an adult" (2)

  1. Mister Reiner said:

    There is a lot more that you can get away with than perhaps you realize. Just keep on working on #8. 😉

  2. Still working on it.. and it actually works on a select few.. 😉

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